Toronto dog daycare in the GTA and Scarborough area

Just wanted to let you all know that I have started my own dog daycare business located in Scarborough.

My goal is to provide the same kind of dog daycare I would expect for my dogs, in a safe and loving environment.

Because I know so many people out there worry about their smaller dogs with some being delicate and just requiring that extra care, I only cater to dogs under 30 pounds.

I have created a website outlining the services and goals of my dog daycare and we also offer dog boarding and dog walking in our general area of Scarborough.

Lead the Way GTA Dog Daycare Services – Toronto and Scarborough

We have in the last year added to our pack, we are currently fostering a lovely Morkie named Toby who is almost ten years old and diabetic.  I did switch him immediately to the raw diet and his need for insulin went from 10 units a day to 2 units a day, which I think is tremendous.


In the same breath I have to say we recently lost our beloved Gucci, he was 14 and suffering from a growth in his digestive system, he had become so frail and wasn’t able to hold down his meals.  This broke our hearts as he was the man of the house.


We love you Gucci and miss you every single day.


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