The power of the furry butts


I’m sitting here looking at my dogs and wondering how we found out the power their love has over us.  You can walk in from having the absolute most shite day ever and there they are.  The welcoming committee.  One his tail wagging so hard he would run a motorboat and he’s smiling that gorgeous wee smile that makes your heart melt.  Then there’s the other one who can’t stop barking and trying to give you his standard bitey nose kisses.  You forget in that moment that your entire day blew chunks.

I’ve loved dogs my entire life, can’t think of a moment I haven’t.  Even when the giant Alsatian ran me down and had a good chew on me, leaving teeth marks in my lovely blue coat with the faux black fur trimmed hood.  Scaring my mum by petting every dog that we passed by or was tied up outside the shops.  Yes I am the one at the party playing with the dog and ignoring the people.

When I was wee I swore that I’d have a baby and live with my mum and dad forever.  Well that just wasn’t the case after all.  Long ago I decided I wasn’t made for swollen ankles, a ripped vagina and making lunches/dinners and doing piles of other peoples laundry.  My decision was I’d rather pick up poop, trim toenails and sleep on the tiny bit of bed I manage to find myself with, how that happens with two 6 pound dogs I don’t know.

Wasn’t long before I realised it was important to me to do the best by them that was possible.  Changing their food, changing vets, reading more books on their health and nutrition than I’ve ever done for myself (lets face it, I’ve never read a book on nutrition for myself, chocolate is a food group).  Then kaboom, I need to share, I want to help others make good choices for their dogs.  The power of the internet, you find you are not alone and there is support for you in your goals.

I have to be grateful to the many vets and animal nutritionists out there who have taken to social media to help educate us.  Dog medicine and health evolves just as much as human health in leaps and bounds.

Really when you look at the big picture, why did you get a dog, I sometimes feel I harp on about that whole issue.  I see so many rescues full of animals and they are being euthanised daily because someone just no longer could be arsed to deal with them.  I never thought I had the mothering gene in me, but in a documentary I posted previously “Dogs Decoded” it was discovered that when humans interact with their dogs they generate the same hormones bonding mothers do with their infants.  Dogs are not stupid, for years we didn’t think that they understood or were able to communicate, but they do.  They read our body language they can sense our emotions.  I lost my dad 6 years ago, just 3 weeks after I got Teegy and when I cried or just crumbled out of pure grief, he came running and comforted me.  They are living, feeling beings and need to be treated as such.

Fortunately my guys have loads of doggy pals and get the socialisation they need.  So many don’t, then the owner says “oh he’s more a people dog”, well ya keep him locked up with you and no dog pals, of course that’ll happen.  But there are exceptions to every rule, you do have those who are fearful due to being attacked by other dogs and we need be thoughtful of that.  We have a wonderful network of dog pals.  I think five of my friends all got dogs within a year of each other, which is awesome, because they have all grown up with each other.

My goal to do the best for them with nutrition and good health brought me here.  I wanted to share and help other people with what I have learned, see if it can make a difference.  I am grateful that I am open minded enough to look to new things whether it’s a holistic veterinary approach, studying up on vaccination protocols or a healthy balanced diet.

Sometimes I think I can come across as a pushy bitch in my enthusiasm when sharing with others, but I think I can just blame that on being Scottish.  I’ve seen many friends who have furry pals be it cat or dog, who have ailments due to allergies, yeast infections or digestive issues and you want to help them and guide them.  That’s not always easy, I mean who I am, a chick who has no medical training at all, they want to listen to their vet.  I had one friend who tried everything her vet told her to as her dog was having issues with her skin and hair loss.  Creams, baths, ointments, vet food and steroids for a year.  Nothing was helping and finally she said okay I will try the raw diet.  Within three months things started happening and voila no need for meds, creams or steroids.

It’s important to know what your dog is eating, look at the ingredients on that bag, that should really give you food for thought.  If your dog is suffering yeasty ears, hot spots, it could be one of those many ingredients that seem to be in most commercial dog food.  Home cooking is a much better idea if you don’t like raw.

Just last year I decided to foster, Toby is his name, his parents of 9 years had a baby, he had developed diabetes, they didn’t want to deal with that and a baby.  My first thought, he needs me, he really needs me or someone like me.  Toby was getting 5 units of insulin twice a day after each meal of delicious gastro royal canin.  One look at the ingredients on the label and you can see why his glucose levels are soaring and his pancreas isn’t functioning properly.  I switched him over to a raw diet, with krill oil, digestive enzymes and probiotics.  Not all dogs take to raw right away, some are a little fussy, not this dude.  Toby was in there munching on his pheasant/duck/lamb/rabbit/turkey you name it he was having it all with no nonsense.  Today, Toby is down to 1 unit of insulin twice a day after each meal because there are no fake sugars or carbs in his food and he’s now a part of the whiny bunch come dinner time.  Teegy gives me the whine, the smile and a tap on the face with his paw, Tufty just bounces all over me making squeaky noises and Toby gives a low grrrrr and a snort.

I am just really happy that Toby likes to sleep on the couch because I just don’t know how much bed I’d be left with if he had decided to join the other two at night.

We need them as much as they need us, I cannot and do not want to imagine my life without them.  I don’t party like I used to and don’t really want to party because I can come home to all the love and snuggles a girl could ask for.   I don’t spoil them with treats, those are saved for bath, trim and toe nail time now, but they have more blankets than me and all the love in the world, always keeping in mind, they are still dogs.  Since they are incapable of doing the shopping and prepping dinner, their care is down to me, my guys get the best.

Why did you get the dog in the first place, you love them don’t you, shouldn’t they have the best life you can possibly give them.  I am particularly happy that many of my dog owning friends came to me for guidance and support on making the transition to raw feeding for their fur butts and they are very glad of that decision.  I know it can be scary, but with a great support network and wonderful resources available it takes away the pain of it.

Let’s think about this from our perspective, do you want to eat a bowl of dry cornflakes for dinner or do you want arugula, caramelised walnuts, roasted beets, blue cheese, red onion, slices of seared flank steak with a white balsamic pear dressing…….DAMN now I’m hungry!






2 thoughts on “The power of the furry butts

  1. Thanks for the words. They ARE our life. They ARE my babies and since I can remember I would not eat all of my meals so I could take my food to the strays that would come to me as soon as they saw me. This was a long time ago. My dad never let me have a dog, I had my first, Mazy in 2001, she was one an half year old…the best present my husband gave to me. In 2005 her older sister Hailey ( a retired mom )came to our house, she was almost 7 at the time When I lost them I said never again, the pain was bad, really bad, so bad that we did not want to come home, it was silent and empty, I lasted 4 months, then came Lola and Molly, can’t imagine my life and my home as silent as when I lost my first girls. I can do without stuff but like you, they have a ton of everything, this time I want to do things in a different way, just raw fresh food, no vaccines, less trips to the vet but like always, lots of love, lots of not so good meals ( for us parents ) so they can be with us on the grass, all together having dinner and I thought I would be the only one on the ground playing with the dogs and trying to pay attention to people ( not always with success, I tune people out very easily when there are dogs around ). Thanks for those lovely pictures, your know how and advice, their good health and happiness is my priority…always. Keep up the great work.

  2. Your know how, your advice and your love for our fur babies is invaluable.
    Thanks for everything, keep up your great work…we thank you and our kids thank you.

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