Just wanted to let you see Teegy and Tufty enjoying their dinner

Many people do not think they can feed small breeds a raw diet.

My two boys are Teegy 6 pounds and Tufty 4 pounds 11 ounces and there is nothing they enjoy more than breakfast and supper.
The other night their best doggy pals came by and they did not even look up to say hello as they were thoroughly engrossed in supper.
Tufty neck

Teegy neck

I know there is the worry of choking, I have that too and have encountered it with Teegy as he’s a gobbler. I cannot feed chicken necks, but I can feed pork ribs, pork/lamb necks, rabbit slices and pork/beef brisket. These bones are bigger, the pieces given are bigger and encourage them to work for their dinner and it keeps them well occupied.

For their breakfast they get ground meat with bone included with green tripe http://www.greentripe.com/noguts2.htm and organ meats, a very essential parts of a raw fed diet.  I am sure to change up the ground meat every week to ensure they receive a nice variety in their diet, switching from turkey to duck to rabbit.  I would get you video footage of them eating breakfast, but by the time I put the bowls down turn to get my phone, they have finished.

I made a little video to let you see them go at it, please let me know when you see them coming up for air….


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