Nutrition Lessons from Man’s Best Friend: University research shows that fresh, wholesome foods may be healthier for dogs than processed kibble.

As a follow up to my previous post regarding research done on feeding whole foods, in this particular case cooked foods under the brand Just Food for Dogs. I have located the white paper related to the research and wish to include it for your reading pleasure. I think it’s a step in the right direction and I completely agree that our pets should not be eating dead, diseased animals and by products from human food waste.
I hope you find it an interesting and informative read.


An article published today on the PR Newswire.

A study was done on a specific brand of dog food by a group of vets and showed results they deemed worthy of publishing.

This particular brand of food mentioned is made of whole foods and not lab concocted ingredients and nutrients in dry morsels.

Let’s hope something like this from qualified vets and animal nutritionists encourages worried pet owners to re-evaluate what they are feeding their pets.  Especially when sooooooooooo many vets are pushing medical diets in their practices and only after a week of nutrition training at school, which is also provided by said pet food companies.

I also wish I had a gazillion dollars to pay for medical studies to be done to show the benefits an animal receives on a whole foods diet.  Whether it be whole prey model raw, premade ground raw or home cooked and this…

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