The benefits of raw feeding

RAWrTuffers nomnom

Well if you haven’t figured out by now that I’m a huge supporter of raw feeding.

Hi, I’m Sandra and I am a raw feeder.  No we don’t have meetings hahaha, but we do share what we learn amongst us and help educate others. No it’s not a fad as many people like to let you believe, it’s been a way of feeding dogs for centuries.  Well before big companies decided to take you all for a ride on the kibble bus. Yes I once rode the kibble bus, but realized that if I fed my dog a species appropriate diet hmmmmmm….perhaps Teegy would recover quicker from his pancreatitis bouts. When blood is shooting out the back of your 6 pound dog and you fear you will lose him, it’s not hard to decide to do what’s best and to me that wasn’t canned medical food or medical specialty kibble.  It certainly didn’t work on my first dog who died from colitis.  Had I known then what I know now, I probably could have saved, actually I know I could have saved Robbie.

Someone who is very public about feeding species appropriate diets is Doctor Karen Becker, the Yorkie site I’m a member of don’t be liking her too much, ah some of them don’t like me too much either, but as someone told me once, just leave them to be ignorant, true.

Dr. Becker compiled three videos to explain in great detail, the benefits of feeding a species appropriate diet and the physiology of dogs and cats.

To watch part 2 & 3 please click on the video screen on the completion of part 1.

I am very very lucky to have an amazing holistic vet who supports raw feeding and feeding whole species appropriate foods, it’s definitely worth searching one out.

Here are some resources to begin your search:

There are a couple of sites you may want to read up on raw feeding.  Many people have varying approaches to this, some like to feed a store bought pre made raw, some buy prey model which is whole pieces of meat and bones and varying other elements and I, who feed bone in ground with organ and tripe for breakfast and whole meats at dinner time, when I am available to watch the boys eat.  Teegy is a total gobbler and has been known to cause himself choking episodes, so I watch him like a hawk, the wee bugger.

Here is some basic info on raw feeding:

I am a member on several fantastic raw feeding sites on Facebook and yahoo.  Please if this is something you want to research and learn about, join these pages and get yourself on your way.  They remove many of the fears and doubts you will have by letting you see for yourself that raw feeding does indeed benefit your dog.  It certainly has for mine.

and a local one run by the people I buy my dog food from:


4 thoughts on “The benefits of raw feeding

  1. I have just started on this New Raw adventure, 4 months in July, and would love to find as much helpful information and/or links as possible. I am minimal vaccines and any/everything as natural as possible, I too am also Happy customer of the AMAZING HeronviewRawandNatural.
    Sherry :)(:

  2. Sherry how big are your dogs ? Are you including organ meats in there too. It’s 2-3% body weight, 80% whole meats (heart is considered a muscle meat), 10% bone and 10% organ (5% of that should be liver). Some people choose to feed once a day some like me twice a day, I’ve seen others feed thrice a day because their dogs can’t handle such large meals.
    You can balance out the meals as you see fit for your dogs.
    If you find the dogs poops are to white and dry adding more organ and reducing bone content will help. On the other side if you get runny poops you need higher bone content.

  3. My dog is 60 lbs and we feed boneless am meal, with tripe cube one day offal cube the next, bone in meal in the pm. I am constantly checking his poops and adjust the feeding accordingly, I also keep an eye on his “waist line” to figure if I am feeding too little or too much. Right now we are PERFECT in the portion sizes and we are HAPPY 🙂
    I must also say, I researched raw for 2+ years before finding the right supplier and taking the plunge, head first, and am very happy I have.

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