A great documentary about “Dogs Decoded”

Today’s post is purely for enlightenment, entertainment and enjoyment.

A few years back before Tufty became a member of our wee family, Teegy and I were out for our evening walk.  We came upon a lovely old lady, who was also out for her evening stroll, she wanted to say hi to Teegy and give him a wee rub.

She asked if we minded her joining us in our stroll, to which I replied “not at all, would be our pleasure”.

What a lovely woman she was, telling me about her family and her grandkids and she asked me about Teegy.  She went on to tell me about a great documentary she had seen on PBS, and felt I would likely enjoy it a great deal.

Being one without cable for many years, after I walked her home and bid her adieu, I scooted home and searched for it on the internet.

It was quite an eye opener in regards to the dog/human bond as well as the genetic make up of wolves and the study on foxes.

I do hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I’ve never seen that wee lady again to thank her.




hulkamania  This is Hulk (Teegy and Tufty’s best friend) introducing himself to Teegy hahahahahahahahahaha.  Who knew a life long friendship would come of this day at the beach



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