My name is Teegy and I’m a big sooky pooky

Hi everyone, I’m Teegymamas boy.  I’m a really good boy and my mummy loves me very much, well at least she tells me she does all the time.  She better not be lying.

When I came to live with my mummy I was 10 weeks old and I was the biggest fluffiest thing she had ever seen and she cried.Teegy 10 weeks

There is a bit of a story to it, so sit down with your favourite human and a lovely raw meaty bone and hear my tail. Or is it tale, I get so confused sometimes, silly me.

Well mummy had reached an age where she felt she could be a responsible pet owner, I thought people just called that old?  So with her having developed allergies to dogs and cats fur and dander she was mad, because she loooooooooooooooves animals and wanted to be a vet when she was young, she was upset that she may never be able to have a dog again.

Well she met April and Ripley April and Ripley, they belonged to her friends Jen and Lisa.  April and Ripley had the best personalities mummy had ever seen in dogs and were so different.  As well as being sweet and loving, mummy discovered she wasn’t allergic to them, WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!

That’s when she decided to start saving her pennies and researching the Yorkshire Terrier Breed and boy am I glad she did.  She researched the health and welfare of the breed, joined a Yorkie blog group, checked the Canadian Kennel Club and Dogs Canada for breeders, The Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Association.  She talked to loads of people and asked strangers about their dogs (sometimes she’s a little crazy).  It was settled time to look into breeders.  All of this took a couple of years to be truthful, when she told me this story I thought I was never gonna get here, sheezzz!

Well, breeder chosen, everything sorted, drumroll……, mummy got sick and had to cancel everything.

Hold on, that can’t be the end, I’m here, don’t go anywhere.

So after mummy got better, she was all bummed about not having her Yorkie, then she got a new job.  Her friends Jen and Lisa secretly were looking for a new dog for her but didn’t tell mummy.  Mummy wasn’t starting her new job for 3 weeks, so she had lots of time off and this was great for bonding and socializing time for a new doggy.

Jen and Lisa had just returned from their vacation and mummy had been watching April and Ripley, so on Friday they were picked up and taken home.  Mummy was sad, no more Yorkie loveballs to snuggle and hang out with.  Halloween day 2009, knockity knock knock, knock knock.  Trick or Treat, yay it was Jen and Lisa and they were carrying bags of stuff.  Jen says to mummy, what do you want first, your trick or your treat.  Mummy said my treat of course, and Jen turned around the thing she was carrying in her arms and mummy burst into tears and said Teegy.the moment we met I’m just the cutest thing you ever saw aren’t I.

I loved my name, I am named after my mum’s Uncle William McTigue, who’s nickname was Tiguey and my middle name is my granda’s nickname Gilly. The first thing mummy did was call granda and granny and tell them that she had her Teegy, she was soooooooooo happy.

Mummy had to phone her friend Lane to see if she was still invited to dinner that night, because now she had a dog.  Uncle Lane was super cool and said I could go to my first dinner party.  It was excellent.

I loved my new home, it was really cozy and mummy had lots of warm blankets, a soft comfy bed and she even has a shelf for me to sit on resting spot.

I am almost 5 now and have turned into a really handsome boy.  My life hasn’t been without it’s hiccups, because back in 2012 I had pancreatitis, twice!!!  I was very very sick and my mummy nursed me back to health and now she makes sure that every day I am eating the best possible food for me and I get lots of exercise.

the Woofstock CrewI even have sooooooo many doggy friends I lost count.

But you know what’s best, my little brother Tufty Teegy and Tufty.

Oh I gotta go, mummy says she’s got some pork back ribs for me, they are my favourite.  Bark at ya later


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