I am always on the look out for natural means to keep my pets healthy – Elk Velvet Antler supplements is the latest discovery


New doOh and it’s also good for humans


Elk Velvet Antler is still the most commonly sold natural herbal product in the world.

In addition to the general health benefits of EVA (including the mental effects and the benefits for sex drive performance), let us not forget the numerous systemic benefits.

These benefits include: proven support for healthy function of our body’s internal organs, better digestion, significant pain reduction and improved immune function with greater resistance to illness. Also, enhancement of cholesterol lowering programs and assistance in support of blood pressuring lowering strategies.

EVA is currently being used with success by both humans, as well as for their beloved pets (dogs, cats & horses).

Contrary to popular western speculation, velvet is not used as just an aphrodisiac.
Velvet antler is being used to help a variety of conditions such as:

· Arthritis relief
· Muscle development
· Increased strength
· Increased endurance
· Speed recovery from injury
· PMS and menopause irregularities

Elk Velvet Antler (EVA)
Information for Pets

Thorough veterinary research at a Canadian University has proven that EVA effectively alleviates osteoarthritis in dogs and improves an animal’s gait and performance in daily activities and overall vitality. Other research confirms this, and lists a number of additional benefits for animals, including, but not limited to:2

•relief from clinical arthritis and joint stiffness
•relief from chronic pain
• improved energy levels
•improved hair coat
•improved kidney function
•increased healing time from muscular sprains/pains
•accelerated healing after surgery
•treating symptoms associated with old age

Studies also indicate that EVA helps to slow the progression and reduce the effects of hip dysplasia among susceptible breeds. There is further indication that it helps promote muscle and bone growth in puppies and speeds the muscle recovery process for athletic animals. Benefits of EVA are noticeable among horses and cats as well, and include enhanced muscoskeletal strength, hoof and hair growth, and faster healing.

A recent study concluded that the administration of quality EVA to dogs was effective in alleviating osteoarthritis and improving their daily activity levels. Elk Velvet Antler should be included daily in osteoarthritis therapy to help reduce inflammation and pain.

Because it’s made directly from elk velvet antler, EVA is completely, 100% natural. Unlike some artificial products or drugs used to treat animals, EVA is in natural supply and won’t cause harmful side effects. You owe it to your pet to give this product a try; they’ll thank you for it!

1Canadian Veterinary Journal, Vol. 45, Feb. 2004, P. 133 2Velvet Antler, a summary of the literature on health benefits. Can I use Elk Velvet for pets? C. Balok, 2000



4 thoughts on “I am always on the look out for natural means to keep my pets healthy – Elk Velvet Antler supplements is the latest discovery

  1. Would this help with Brain recovery? I know someone recovering from a traumatic brain injury and was just wondering if it would help with brain function as well as recovery?

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