Wash their paws

imageDo you really know what your dog has stepped in after our winter thaw.  Doubt it. Poops peeps from all kinds of creatures, perhaps even a nasty human, yeuch.

Often there can be pesticides on peoples lawns, you don’t want your dog coming home and licking that from their paws.

I wipe my shoes on a mat when I enter my home, but dogs leave a trail of wet paws.

Give them a wipe, whether it be soap and water on a face cloth or pet wipes. 

I really like earthbath products.  They carry a variety of wipes for just this thing.


You can find these at most pet boutiques and supply shops, such as Global Pets, Happy Tails and Small Wonders.


If this isn’t available in your area ask your pet retailer and just make sure there is nothing that can harm your dog in the ingredients.




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