Doggy tidbit – Diatomaceous Earth, often called DE

Arggggg…. you damn fleas, I hate you, begone you bouncing beasties….

Yes folks, with the warmer weather comes critters that can infest our pets and hence our homes.

One option I encountered to deal with the smelly wee pesty fleas, was human grade Diatomaceous Earth.

This can so easily and inexpensively be purchased at a health food store, I paid $3.00 for a large portion of it.

This is a non-toxic, natural method of controlling pests such as fleas, or de-worming your dogs.

Human grade diatomaceous earth, is made up of fossilized remains of aquatic organisms called diatoms and forms a natural silica.  It works by puncturing the exoskeleton of little critters and dehydrating their bodies.

To use, you sprinkle on the dogs coat from the neck down and massage it in, remember it’s very drying.  If you feel you have fleas in your home, wash bedding blankets, cushions used by your dogs and then sprinkle them with diatomaceous earth.  I would also recommend sprinkling it around the floors and on your furniture (can also be used on your mattress for bed bugs).

Oh no, I saw a worm in my dogs poop.  Yes, you know you inspect your dogs poops, cos I sure do, I look at each one to ensure it’s a healthy happy poop.

You can treat your dog with diatomaceous earth, it enters and kills worms and larvae.  I treat my dogs a couple of times a year with this as they are outside playing all the time with their wee and big doggy pals.

I raw feed my dogs, therefore I mix a small teaspoon a day into their ground meat meals for a week.  If you kibble feed your dog, I would suggest buying a high quality canned food, mix it in the kibble and add the DE.  If your dog has worms, I recommend you do this everyday for up to 30 days and keep checking the poop regularly to ensure there are no more worms.  If you see results before 30 days you can stop using it, but keep your eyes peeled.  I recommended this to a friend who has two dogs and a cat and was doggy sitting another dog at the time he found worms in one of his dogs.  After two weeks his worms had gone and never returned

I have friends who actually add it to water and drink it as a means of cleansing, haven’t tried that yet.

Do not inhale this as it will cause irritation to the nasal passages and is not good for folks like me who have asthma.

DON’T buy from a garden centre this is not human grade, you MUST get human grade DE.

Love your dogs, love your self and think naturally

Places to find Diatomaceous earth:, available at

This link provides good information on DE and also amounts for the weight of dogs, so I wanted to share it:



One thought on “Doggy tidbit – Diatomaceous Earth, often called DE

  1. We had some silver fish, the only bug that does not make me freak out but still wanted to get rid of them, after much research bought the human grade and put it behind the couch, the fridge and in no time they were gone, I was really scared it could harm the girls so it was well hidden, now you give me great news, no fleas but I can rest if they step on a bit of powder.
    Thanks Sandra, keep up the great work

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