How did we get here

imageWell every little girl who’s dog crazy begs their parents for a dog. But what do we know? Back then, not a heck of a lot. We buy bagged food, we take them to the vet for everything. Oh, and we have to walk them!

Robbie was a beautiful blonde American Cocker Spaniel.  He ate the garbage regularly, ran across the street to eat the chunks of bacon the neighbour left on their yard for the birds and squirrels (ya, I know, don’t know where this came from).  Well he ended up with COLITIS, in a lot of pain and suffered on canned medical food and then he was gone.  I swore after that heartbreak I’d never have another – until I met the Yorkshire Terrier. Now in my “mid 20’s” wink wink, I was responsible enough and ready for another go.

Along came Teegy, a wee hairy ball of fluff and stole my heart.  My breeder health guarantee stated null and void if I didn’t feed the choice of two particular kibble. While feeding the kibble I noticed tear staining, tartar on teeth and didn’t think that seemed right.  Then their was the question of treats.  What’s good what’s bad for digestion?  Which toys will clean his teeth?  Which toys will upset his tummy? Which ones will bring the threat of choking?

And so the research began.  It’s a long process and I wanted to do what was best. I found a vet nearby and I had questions about diet, medicine and vaccines.  His answers always veered toward pharmaceuticals and specialty vet foods, which he sold right there for your convenience, not necessarily for the good of your bank account. He poo pooed my questions regarding vaccination protocols and raw diet. And lovely vet costs suggested for dental cleanings. I began to shop around for a new vet. Then it happened, PANCREATITIS, just as I was in the process of finding a new holistic vet.

This is when I faced the big decision. Do I listen to the mainstream?  I mean, how can a million Yorkie or dog owners feeding big brand name medical diets and all the vets out there pushing it, be wrong.  Or, should I do what my heart tells me and jump off head first and hope I land on my feet.

I run into so many people with questions and fears like these which I experienced.  I want them to have a place to come and ask without judgement.  I want those in the know to come and share as well.

In my next blog posts I will write about my first impression of a holistic vet, where my research into the raw diet began and meet the doggies, Teegy and Tufty!


7 thoughts on “How did we get here

  1. My mother always said “the best doctor is a mother” Expects are amazing but sometimes, despite their advice our heart tells us otherwise and there’s too much love in that heart to ever think twice about going with emotions rather than the textbooks.

  2. Thank-you so much for all the information and your feedback. I am looking forward too reading all your blogs. You have helped me so much already past and present and near future. Xox – I
    just wanted to say I really appreciate all you do and all your help 🙂 you’re an amazing person inside and out with the biggest heart ever. Love you and thank-you for educating me on all the above. Truly grateful.

  3. Sandra, may this blog be the beginning of something truly amazing. I know many people and fur babies will benefit from your posts. Looking forward to your future posts.

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